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Feast of Fiddles


Some of the best nationally and internationally known folk acts including Vin Garbutt, Eric Bogle, Jim Moray, The Singing Loins,Harvey Andrews and many more in an exciting programme of the best in folk music..........\par


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Medway Folk CellarTuesday 6th JanuaryMIKE SILVER
Brook TheatreThursday 22nd JanuaryTHE BULLY WEE BAND
Medway Folk CellarTuesday 3rd FebruaryROY BAILEY
Central TheatreThursday 26th FebruaryANOTHER NIGHT OF COMEDY WITH DOUG HUDSON
Medway Folk CellarTuesday 3rd MarchLES BARKER
Medway Folk CellarTuesday 7th AprilTHE SINGING LOINS
Brook TheatreThursday 23rd AprilTHE DEALERS
Medway Folk CellarTuesday 5th MayJIM MORAY
Brook TheatreThursday 21st MayKEITH JAMES & RICK FOOT - POET IN NEW YORK
Brook TheatreThursday 18th JuneERIC BOGLE
Medway Folk CellarTuesday 7th JulyVIN GARBUTT
Brook TheatreThursday 23rd JulyHARVEY ANDREWS
\par \par

\par Here are some of our previous performers:

\par CYRIL TAWNEY - Cyril Tawney was a legend, singing folk songs for a living longer than anyone else in Britain.

Born into a lower deck Royal Naval family at Gosport in 1930 he joined the Royal Navy as an apprentice in 1946 and his role as a folk singer emerged from various scriptwriting and performances for naval entertainment.

He bought himself out of the Royal Navy and embarked on a successful career as a folk singer with numerous TV and radio spots. Songs of his such as 'Grey Funnel Line', 'Sally Free and Easy' and 'Sammy's Bar' have become standards and his work is quoted in both the Oxford Book of Traditional Verse and The Oxford Book of Sea Songs.

THE PHIL BEER BAND - Phil Beer is the multi instrumentalist half of England's foremost acoustic duo 'Show of Hands'. His instrumental wizardy is well documented and has been utilised by countless artists over the years, the mnost notable being The Rolling Stones, Mike Oldfield and Steve Harley.

While having his feet firmly in the 'acoustic' camp, he has kept his hand in with electric music over the last five years with an annual outing of the Phil Beer Band.

These have become increasingly popular, and this year will see the first month long tour to take place in September.

The first ever Phil Beer Band album will be released to coincide with the tour and features Gareth Turner, Charlotte Ayrton, Steve Crickett, Nick Quarmby and Deb Sandland as well as the lad himself.

\par MUNDY-TURNER are Catherine Mundy and Jay Turner, an internationally-touring acoustic, original songwriting duo based in Brisbane, Australia.

\par \par Both performers are impressive vocalists, able to inject melodies with affecting depth and pathos.

\par \par Their instrumental work is equally expressive. Jay is a versatile acoustic guitarist, alternately driving and delicate. Cath plays lyrical violin and piano in a cross between classical, folk and rock styles.

\par \par Together their live performances are characterised by strong original material, intricate harmonies, humorous story-telling, and powerful arrangements. \par \par They are influenced by a melting pot of musical styles - folk, blues, rock, country, classical, gospel, acappella, pop.... \par \par MUNDY-TURNER's music is unique and emotionally charged. Their stage presence has been described as exciting, dynamic and charismatic. \par \par \par

\par KATE RUSBY - The new voice of English folk music, she's young, colourful, funny, outrageously talented and a voice blessed with a rare grace, style and purpose.

Since being a finalist for the Mercury Music Prize Kate has made a sensational impact over the last couple of years.

The sweetheart of English folk song, she's at the forefront of a vibrant new generation of influential young British singers.

\par \par \par \par \par

\par \par JULIE FELIX - Julie Felix was a major star in Britain in the 1960s. Along with singers like Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Tom Paxton she became part of the folk movement carrying a message through song to a generation of young people.

40 years on Julie is back with a heightened political and spiritual consciousness and a style that seems a world away from her fragile 1960s image.

The beautiful fluidity of her voice and perfect pitch are still there, but now combine with a hard won inner peace.

An evening with Julie Felix is a memorable experience.

\par \par HARVEY ANDREWS - Harvey Andrews has been writing and performing his own songs, monologues and stories for 35 years. In that time he has travelled the world, been on the Old Grey Whistle Test, done sessions for John Peel, appeeared in a solo concert at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall, been voted Canada's International Artist of the Year, produced 14 albums and had his songs recorded by over 50 artists from Christy Moore to Max Boyce, the Houghton Weavers to Mary Hopkin.

He's as fine a raconteur as he is a singer and a writer, so turn up and prepare to be seriouosly entertained.

\par \par GORDON GILTRAP - The respect that Gordon Giltrap generates from his fellow musicians was made manifest when he re-recorded his classic instrumental 'Heartsong' to celebrate 25 years in the business, with guest appearances from amongst others, Midge Ure, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Neil Murray and Brian May

The new millenium sees the release of almost all of his entire back catalogue on Voiceprint Records and many have never been released before.

If you want to see a guitar supremo at work, here's your man.

\par THE MELLSTOCK BAND - The Mellstock Band sings and plays the dances, carols and music of English village and church bands from the 18th century to the present day.

The band's musical backgrounds include folk, jazz, and early music and they use their skills to create a vital, present day musical experience rather than a dry, museum like reproduction of something past and gone.

Their Christmas Show is enhanced with period costume, spoken word and authentic music from a bygone age.

\par \par DEREK BRIMSTONE - An English treasure of the folk scene, Derek has graced the stage for as long as most people can remember.

One of the original folk comedians,he has plied his art around the world and up and down this country for decades.

Not a mean banjo player and guitarist either - he has a great choice of songs. An evening with Derek Brimstone is a treat.

\par \par BILLY CHILDISH - The renaissance man of Medway is an intriguing mix of poetry, music, art and the written word.

The former boyfriend of Tracey Emin commands packed houses when he plays music in San Francisco or in Japan, fills galleries in Hamburg for his paintings and is invited on Start the Week and Woman's Hour to give his outspoken opinions.

The Stuckist holds court in his native Chatham.

\par \par SIMON MAYOR & HILARY JAMES - Superby talented musicians who bring a new depth to acoustic music.

Simon is recognised as one of the world's leading mandolin players and has released albums that cover classical, jazz and folk pieces.

Hilary has been described as having the voice of an angel and together they put on a show that is unique.

Their dazzling musicianship has seen them perform from Vancouver to Singapore and from Shetland to Sark and at last in Chatham.

\par \par THE GREEN BAND - A chance to dance to one of the best ceilidh bands in the South East as the Brook opens its doors to a barn dance evening.

The Green Band's own caller will take you through the dances so that novices and experienced dancers alike can enjoy stripping the willow.

The Green Band have experience in playing festivals and village halls up and down the country and feature some fine musicianship.

\par \par Box Office numbers are as follows:\par The Central Theatre - 01634-403868

\par The Brook Theatre - 01634-408965

\par If you want to go on the free mailing list send an email to Denise



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