Here are some examples of the Hot Rats' recorded discography. If you want to see more information, go to the ALBUMS PAGE
Audio extracts have been compressed to aid down-loading and are in WAV format except for Ian's which is in MP3, these do not represent the sound quality of the original albums.

  1. farewell to ireland
  2. banks of newfoundland
  3. white walls, white rum
  4. rocky road to dublin set
  5. billy
The above tracks are all from The Hot Rats Live album
  1. duna rol fuja szel
  2. the lark in the morning/rakish paddy
  3. midnight in moscow
  4. macedon expresz variation
  5. smeceno horo
  6. peat bog soldiers
  7. mercedes in the drive
The above tracks are from Like Flies
  1. the swan
  2. orange blossom special
  3. whirlyjig
  4. preacher ring the bell
  5. azerie
The above tracks are from Slaughterhouse
  1. dead man blues
  2. cameraman
  3. (i don't care if they all think she's) marilyn
  4. happy now?
The above tracks are from Happy Now?
  1. seven inch reel
  2. whiskey in the jar

The above tracks are from the Hot Rats with Doug Hudson cassette tape.
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